A luminous unidentified object flew out red clouds

A luminous unidentified object flew out of a red cloud.A photo from open sources

The video below was shot late last month 53-year-old New Zealand tourist Darren Blackley. Traveler was on the Thai island of Phuket, where he suddenly became witness to a mysterious phenomenon. Our hero and many others eyewitnesses noticed a relatively large thunderstorm relatively low above ground cloud of unusual red colors. In a fancy cloud sparkled lightning, and it was amazing: at the same time attractive and at the same time the time is scary. And then something happened and it seemed that going beyond the realities of our world.

Suddenly, an unidentified object reminiscent of a cloud two brightly shining balls, and moved away through the dark sky. Of course, numerous Web users who viewed the received Blackley video, considered that we are talking about an alien ship, which flew out of the “wormhole”, from here, they say, and so unusual view of the clouds. According to other commentators, this anomaly is likely was a pair of ball lightnings that could also bloom cloud, making a thundercloud so fantastically bizarre.

If you believe other eyewitnesses, then in front of us is just a reflection of light in the camera lens – and nothing more. As one remarked of commentators, skeptics live much easier than people believers in miracles. Easier, but … more boring. That’s why they visit paranormal news sites to somehow brighten up your gray existence.

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