A magnetic card in the head of a turtle and … of man

A magnetic card in the head of a turtle and ... a personA photo from open sources

Sea turtles easily and accurately find where they are born themselves and where, according to their repose, they need to lay their eggs by ourselves. The logic here is simple: since it worked for me, it will work and with my offspring.

But how do turtles find the beach where they were born? we we already know that our Earth is surrounded by a magnetic field, it is it and allows many animals and birds to easily navigate space. Studying sea-headed turtles, scientists from University of North Carolina (USA, Chapel Hill) Kenneth Lohmann and Roger Brothers revealed the secret of this bio compass. According to researchers, animals can determine not only density magnetic lines of our planet (it would hardly give them something), but also their inclination relative to the surface of the Earth. It turns out peculiar magnetic card with unique coordinate points on it. Thanks this turtles, and other animals, birds, fish (the same eel, that spawns into the Atlantic Ocean from anywhere of the world and easily finds the way to the “maternity hospital”) so easily navigate in space and never make a mistake.

And what happens when the Earth’s magnetic field changes, question scientists? It turned out that in this case, preferences in The laying of eggs in sea turtles has also changed. But the magnetic field The earth is relatively stable, and therefore the big-headed turtles are easily find that point on the magnetic card (your “maternity hospital”), which stored in their head.

By the way, scientists have determined that the human genome also has such ability, that is, to navigate in space in magnetic field of the planet. But we don’t use them, just like we don’t use levitation, complete regeneration of the body, the transfer of information through thoughts and much more. Some biologists once said that a person need to learn from animals. It turns out that we have nothing to learn from them, we just need to remember that man is the peak of evolution, and in him laid almost everything that animals have. We went man-made through development and much of its natural wealth is simply forgotten – “thrown out” as unnecessary. That’s a paradox! ..

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