A man accidentally photographed taking off of man

A man accidentally photographed a man taking offA photo from open sources

43-year-old British photographer Gavin Best claims that he quite by chance I managed to capture something mysterious in the picture. A man says that he went to Belfast a few days ago along with your friend. Once near the sea, our hero is somewhat once photographed the local picturesque landscape. Only back subsequently home, he was surprised to find one inconspicuous, but incredible detail. The Brit is confident that his lens the camera hit a man soared into the air. Gavin writes:

At first, I did not notice anything unusual on the camera screen. Only after a couple of days when I reviewed the images on computer then increased the background and suddenly saw a human silhouette over the rock. This man was clearly floating in the air! First me Of course, he got scared, considering that someone had jumped down. I even turned to the rescuers, but they assured me that no incidents there has not been a long time. Just bounce so high in the air no one could. We were on that rock and saw that it was abrupt goes down. An unknown individual would have to jump there two to three meters in height to be so captured in my photo. What do you think it could be? Is there any rational explanation?

A photo from open sources

Nothing unusual, some commentators say man just levitates. Of course, this does not happen around and everywhere, but because the frame is really rare, but people capable of fly, over time it will become more and more. A someday all of humanity will have this and others unique abilities like, say, teleportation, telepathy, self-healing and many others, why the world will no longer need vehicles, hospitals, telephones and so on …

A photo from open sources

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