A man appeared on the road from nowhere, triggering an accident

A man appeared on the road from nowhere, provoking an accidentA photo from open sources

The video below was received on February 9 of this year. somewhere in the Chinese province of Jirin.

The DVR of one of the local residents captured alleged phenomenon of supernatural nature. Record demonstrates a person who literally appears out of nowhere on right in front of the car, causing the car to make a sharp turn and crash into the sidewalk. It is reported that during this accident fortunately, no one was hurt.

Unusual shots spread around many resources of the World Wide Web, causing bewilderment to their users. The video clearly shows that the mysterious man did not cross the roadway on the left or on the right, but literally materialized in the middle of traffic. Only Enviable driver reflexes allowed to do without casualties. IN Otherwise, the “inappropriate” pedestrian would obviously be hit by a car. But where did this man come from? What is the reason for its abnormal appearances on the road?

Some netizens believe that the Chinese simply teleported from somewhere. According to others, before us a man who is able to become invisible however during crossing the track his “camouflage” crashed or critical the situation as a result of which he could be hit by a car, right there made it visible – for safety. Still others put forward the assumption that there was a malfunction in the “Matrix”, where we all supposedly live, and perhaps it was not even a person, but some the soulless projection of our illusory reality.

Skeptics, as expected, claim that the video was edited (it’s good, at least, that they didn’t remember the para-idol illusion). And what do you think about this?

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