A man captured on a video peeping over him essence

A man captured an entity peeping behind him in a videoA photo from open sources

The user of the popular social network “Reddit” under the pseudonym grinchdaddy1980 published in the site section devoted to paranormal and inexplicable phenomena, amazing and frightening a story. According to a puzzled man, he recently appeared a mysterious stalker who is clearly not a human being. Our hero began to notice that someone was constantly spying on him because of the corners, but in fact there is never anyone there it turns out.

The following video was an eyewitness who unexpectedly received a few days ago, being near his former student town. The man felt the sixth sense that nearby again, someone was, and therefore quickly took out a mobile phone, hoping capture a supernatural alien on camera. Surprisingly him it happened! From around the corner of the hostel near which was grinchdaddy1980, someone’s pale head stuck out sharply, immediately hidden when the operator approaches back. When our hero carefully looked around the corner, then as expected did not see a single living soul. Here is what the author of the video writes:

This thing (mysterious creature or ghostly spirit) is not looks angry or unfriendly. Rather, she is just curious. Most often, I notice her peripheral vision, but this time I managed to get close to it in it. I think everything the fact is that I looked at this mythical entity through the screen smartphone, not directly with your own eyes. She clearly has no face, only some blurry spot in the shape of a human head. Despite the fact that she has not hurt me yet, I am afraid for my safety, because I constantly have to deal with this strange creature, completely unaware of its true intentions …

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