A man not reflected in the mirrors fell on video

A man who is not reflected in the mirrors got on the videoPhoto from open sources

In one of the stores in the American city of Savannah (state Georgia) a person, not reflected in the mirrors.

At least, as stated by the author of the following video clip. According to him, he works in this outlet guard, and the appearance of a mysterious individual who violates the laws physics, very puzzled him.

A mysterious video demonstrates a girl and a man, located near a large mirror. Both, like any other normal people are reflected in it. Nearby is another man which again is perfectly visible in the mirror. Finally, in the frame a young man appears who walks in the same way near the mirror, however, its reflection is completely absent, as if it were in a store in that moment was not there!

How is this possible? Maybe this young man is modern a vampire? Or a ghost? Some netizens suggest that This video is the result of skillful editing. Not excluded but if not? There are many different miracles in our world, and people, not reflected in the mirror as various mystical narrates stories, not so rare …


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