A man orchestra is always amazing phenomenon!

A man orchestra is always an amazing phenomenon!Photo from open source gifted people always try demonstrate your talent to the fullest. Today thanks computer technology and the Internet, do it becomes everything more simple. Of course, this simplicity is relative because it only allows you to concentrate the possibilities of man into one whole and demonstrate this to as many people as possible. For the rest But only talent or even genius plays a decisive role here. role.

It was the musician’s talent that allowed the twenty-four-year-old Briton Ben Morfitt of Yorkshire to record classical music an orchestra of seventy members, each of which was itself maestro. Ben originally recorded seventy fragments of this performances, in each of which independently performed one or another a batch of his chosen classic. Then there was not yet less complicated and painstaking work requiring considerable computer knowledge and skills, since everything that was written down needed to be shone in one video, namely, the performance of a work by an entire orchestra.

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Note that the Briton recorded all the fragments in his bedroom in front of the green screen, which he again built his own hands. And even the video camera that he used for his a unique project, was semi-professional, moreover, taken rent from your friend. That is, in this regard, Ben showed maximum ingenuity, skill and virtuosity in knowledge what and how to shoot, and then how to put it all together skillfully one unit.

In total, he played nine instruments, including trumpets, drums, horn and guitars, not counting the classic violins. How well did he get this “little orchestra, “judge for yourself. At least, journalists write that in English-language Internet this video made a splash. So, we watch how a man-orchestra conquers the hearts of lovers of classical music.

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