A man photographed a portal to another measurement “

The man took a picturePhoto from open sources

Another interesting publication appeared in the site section “Reddit” dedicated to inexplicable images and videos. A user with the nickname Morghani says that his friends recently went to nature and made several snapshots. When the photographer returned home and looked at received that day footage, then suddenly noticed on one of them strange an anomaly that could not be rationally explained.

A mysterious luminous ball of blue appeared on the background of the trunk fallen tree. Skeptics, of course, believe that we are talking about everything only about the glare of the sun in the camera lens, but their assumption, most likely wrong. If you take a closer look at the picture, you can see that the blue anomaly is partially hidden by branches, while time as a glare, as every photographer understands, could not be blocked by something. What is it then? Is it really something supernatural?

A photo from open sources

Some Reddit patrons have even noticed in this clot light strange shapes suspicious similar to human silhouette. Commentators with apparently good imagination, immediately felt that the man photographed a real portal to another dimension. Morghani himself posted it unusual photo for all to see, is also inclined to believe that this frame captures something that goes beyond habitual.

Unfortunately, neither prove nor disprove such an assumption no one can, although similar portals (wormholes) connecting our world with other parallel dimensions, exist on Earth, independent scientists have long proven this, not to mention numerous witnesses who happened to face this phenomenon in practice and was fortunate enough to come back. But how How did the portal into another dimension hit the camera lens? Amazing luck? Or maybe something more? ..

Time Portals

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