A man who has been living for a century and a half, dreams of of death

A man who has been living for a century and a half, dreams of deathPhoto from open sources

There are a certain number of people on our planet whose age exceeds a hundred years, but none of them have ever seen in its lifetime as much as the Indonesian MBA Goto, born The thirty-first of December 1870. Four months later, a man one hundred forty-six will strike, and this is almost a century and a half! Nonetheless, Goto himself is not at all proud of his age, frankly Recognizing that he has healed in this world and has long dreamed of finding an eternal peace.

Just think, by the end of World War II, the Asian already seventy-five years old. In the century before last, he lost his brother and sisters, and then survived eight more children from his large family. At he had four spouses, the last of whom died in 1988 year. All fourteen Goto offspring are also dead, and the man is not denies that surviving their own sons with daughters is terrible. Now the former farmer lives with his grandchildren, great-grandchildren and great-great-grandchildren, who care about him.

MBA is already weak and sees almost nothing. He can not swim or eat on your own, but still keeps clarity of mind. His main entertainments are radio and books that his grandchildren read to him. A man loves tobacco, however relatives forbid him to smoke often. “As if they were afraid that I will die, “Goto jokes. Nevertheless, when he is allowed to smoke another cigarette, the Indonesian rejoices like a child.

Long-livers have been dreaming of death for more than three decades. In 1992 year, he finally decided that it was time to leave this sinful world, and even bought a tombstone, but he still hasn’t come in handy. The former farmer repeatedly spoke with reporters and on questions of the latter about the secret of their longevity answered that, in fact, “there is no secret here”: you just need to live and respect others, and providence will decide when the time will come for you to go to the forefathers.

A photo from open sources

Despite the fact that the Indonesian authorities have confirmed all documentation on the age of MBA Goto, it is unlikely to be listed in the Book Guinness World Records as the oldest person on the planet. For this you need to go through a special world commission, which in such cases does not find real birth certificates issued back in the century before last. However, MDA himself and his relatives are recognition to anything, but the unconfirmed centenarians of the Earth were and more advanced age, for example, it is believed that the Chinese Li Qingyun, who died in 1933, lived 256 years.

A photo from open sources

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