A man with a flashlight inexplicably disappears in a mysterious video

A man with a flashlight inexplicably disappears in a mysterious videoA photo from open sources

The video below was taken a couple of nights ago New Yorker. Who wished to remain anonymous the man says his dog suddenly broke and rushed to the front door, as if someone else was in the yard.

Our hero looked at the security monitor, showing everything that happens outside of his house and saw on the screen is a very surreal picture. Human silhouette with quickly crossed the courtyard of an American with a flashlight in his hands, then literally disappeared into the shadows like smoke. What is noteworthy is the light from the flashlight the camera continues to record in the distance, despite the fact that the mysterious she “does not see” a person – his footprint has caught a cold. Who could it to be what he needed, and why is all this so strange? ..

Some users of the World Wide Web are convinced that we are talking about invisible man. According to others, an individual on a mysterious video somewhere teleported. If you believe the third, before us is not a representative of the human race, but an alien from another planet or from another dimension. Skeptics believe that the camera surveillance installed near the home of the American, shoots a video poor enough quality and many moving objects just don’t captured by the lens.

Be that as it may, the amazing movie scattered across many World Wide Web resources, riveting attention as researchers supernatural phenomena, as well as ordinary users, not indifferent to everything that goes beyond the usual for us reality.

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