A man with an unusual appearance gets his tongue out forehead

A man with an unusual appearance reaches his forehead with his tongueA photo from open sources

A 35-year-old Nepalese named Yagya Bahadur Katuval living in the city of Urlabari, has a unique skull structure and very the long language with which he can easily get … to his neck and even to your own forehead.

The unusual appearance of a man, of course, is surprising. It is interesting that our hero works as a driver in his hometown school bus. If adult children are already used to it “diabolical” grimaces, then kids are often afraid of such a sight, especially when they see it for the first time, sometimes they even cry.

Katuval was born with a unique lower jaw, different than usual incredible mobility. Nepalese with infancy did not grow teeth, however for a person who never knew what it was like to have real teeth, that’s not a problem. A reliable false jaw quite suits our hero. But, removing it, he can demonstrate amazing tricks that make him look like a horror movie hero. The man himself believes which looks like a horror character, but they don’t choose their appearance, therefore, he sees no reason to be sad.

The following video circled the World Wide Web after of how Katuval captured a friend on the camera, and then they local journalists became interested. Now Nepalese is planning to get into the Guinness Book of Records as a person who can reach tongue to the most remote part of your own head. However, some regulars on the Internet even prophesy to Nepalese circus future – you just need to learn a little and have a huge desire for it. A happy chance, it seems, for Katuval already has come, because now the whole world knows him …

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