A married couple passes away in one day after 71 years of marriage

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Twin souls have for centuries been the subject of liveliest disputes and discussions. Is there really a person on this planet whose soul is related to ours, the relationship with which is much deeper than any other person without whom our existence is unthinkable on Earth and even beyond the material world? ..

Soulmate treats us with kindness and generosity and awakens in us all the best; her love for us is always unconditional as mother’s love for a child. Such people are born, to be with each other, they are united by an inexplicable and inextricable communication. And he who thinks that such stories happen only in melodramas, very mistaken: they are much more real than we we believe. Spouses from the state of Georgia (USA) were married for 71 years, and then died on the same day, with an interval of 12 hours.

Eternal love

94-year-old Herbert Delaigle died at 2:20, his Marilyn’s wife, 88, died at 14:20.

“Surprisingly, they have been together for 71 years – and now they are together on heaven, the family said in a statement to WRDW-TV. – what an amazing love story! ”

Sharon Gibbons Brown, home worker the elderly, where the couple have lived in recent years, said that taking care of them was “a blessing” since Herbert and Marilyn treated each other with such warmth and tenderness that only capable of a human heart. “They loved each other, together lived, laughed together and died on the same day, – wrote Brown on a Facebook post. – Maybe it will not seem too much to someone important, but for me it’s priceless. ”

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According to the obituary, the Deleigl couple lived six years in Germany, where Herbert served in the army (after World War II). Then he fought in Vietnam and Korea and quit military service, giving her 22 years of life. Deleigles have six children left, sixteen grandchildren and twenty-five great-grandchildren. In the past year spouses told local media that they are celebrating their 70th anniversary weddings. 70 years ago they met in one of the cafe cities, they were then 22 and 16 years old.

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“Marilyn worked in a tiny cafe in Waynesboro called White Way Café, Herbert recalled. – I didn’t get tired of watching how she enters the hall, as she exits him, caught her every gesture … “On the first date, young people went to the cinema, and a year later a young man asked for hands of Marilyn.

Brown recalls that already at the moment when he first saw a married couple, I realized how great the power of this mutual love is. “They are were always there and, talking, always looked at each other in eyes and smiled. They slept holding hands, constantly saying how much they love each other. They laughed and rejoiced as the first time teenagers in love, and seemed to be one … ”

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… Do you believe that twin souls exist?

A life

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