A medium from Britain talked about her communication with angels

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British resident Jane Morris told reporters about her unusual abilities: a 32-year-old woman claims to can see angels and even communicate with them. According to the medium, she began to see spirits and angels as a child, but she learned communicate with otherworldly beings just a few years ago. how argues J. Morris, angels live among people and are her almost daily, and several times a day. “They have no faces and human bodies, their “voices” cannot be heard, but I can communicate with them and understand how they feel, noting brightness the light they emit, “the British explained. According to J. Morris, the glow emitted by the angels fades if they are something worried: for example, if a person is in danger, then a guardian angel attached to it signals this changing the brightness of its light. The medium told how once her abilities helped save a person’s life: a few years ago she noticed a woman with a “darkened” angel behind her back in the train car. Just a couple of minutes later she was struck by an epileptic seizure, and while other passengers, taken aback by fear and surprise, simply looked at the patient, J. Morris managed to promptly call an ambulance help, and the woman was taken to the hospital, where she was provided with the necessary help. It is worth noting that in the UK, belief in angels and other otherworldly beings. According to recent opinion polls, 31% of Britons admitted that they believe in angels. Moreover, among the women surveyed, this parameter is higher than among men (41%).

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