A month and a half wandering around the tundra

A month and a half wandering around the tundraPhotos from open sources of

Often people in extreme situations demonstrate amazing properties of a human body that can survive in the most incredible conditions. A similar situation occurred this fall. with the reindeer breeder of Yakutia Egor Tarasov, who is alone in summer clothes spent almost a month and a half in the tundra, starting from the second of September and through the fifteenth of October.

It was on that unfortunate September day that Egor working in reindeer herding brigade number nine of the Turvaurgin community Nizhnekolymsky district of Yakutia, went on a motor boat for firewood. Once in a thick fog, he got lost in the river channels, and then he also ran out of gas. No gun, no knife a short-sighted young man did not take, even the clothes on him were light, not adapted for a long journey.

The two dogs that accompanied the reindeer breeder soon simply fled from him. After spending two days in the boat in the hope that someone appears on the river, the man realized that so he can wait for people to carrotkin of the conspiracy, but therefore decided to make his way along the tundra on foot to human habitation. There was little hope, but another way the reindeer breeder did not see.

A photo from open sources

Making his way along the tundra, Yegor ate mushrooms and berries (lingonberries, cloudberry), drank lake water, but slept wherever necessary, often only several hours a day, mainly during the day, so as not to freeze – in The end of September in Yakutia already hit frosts. In his opinion, he passed the Halarcha and Hiking tundra before stumbled upon a small house that saved him from imminent death. The thing is, that October had already arrived by this time, and in the open air it became very cold, the reindeer herder literally froze. So the house came in handy.

He lived in it for about two weeks, still also eating what will have to, or rather, what the tundra will give. Fortunately Yegor, in the house the owner appeared, he immediately called the relatives of the reindeer herder to they calmed down, and on October 15th already brought Tarasov to his Hometown Chersky. Currently a man is passing rehabilitation in the surgical department of a local hospital. Doctors they assure that there are no serious deviations in Yegor’s health, however, he will still have to be treated after such a test.

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