A motorcycle appeared out of nowhere on the road, triggering an accident

The motorcycle came fromA photo from open sources

The video below, which managed to make a lot of noise on the World Wide Web, was obtained a few days ago in Mexican Tijuana during an amateur motor show.

The video is notable for the fact that on it, perhaps, something is captured mysterious and beyond the ordinary. At least so say users of many web resources dedicated to supernatural and inexplicable phenomena.

Mysterious footage demonstrates a motorcycle with two riders, in which rear suddenly bumps into another bike with a driver and the passenger. However, the second “iron horse” is taken as if from from nowhere, since it is simply not visible to those approaching to the first.

Some regulars of virtual space, not inclined to materialism, it was believed that the rear motorcycle is unknown the reason turned out to be invisible for a while. According to others, he teleported to the road or even appeared from parallel measurements. If you believe the third, there was a failure in the so-called The “Matrix”, where we all live, and the simulation is so careless or simply mistakenly added new “extras”.

Of course, skeptics have their own versions. Alone doubters say that the operator chosen was to blame camera angle. According to others, a similar effect It turned out because of a lost frame rate in the camera. Third convinced that the video was elementarily exposed installation.

It is reported that during the collision no one is fortunately seriously not injured. Three out of four incident participants escaped bruises and hematomas of minor or moderate severity. I wonder why the opinions of the participants of this accident? How do they rate this “matrix failure”?


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