A mysterious black square arose in the sky above New Jersey

A mysterious black square appeared in the sky over New JerseyA photo from open sources

January 4 this year in the US state of New Jersey a mysterious phenomenon was observed. In the twilight sky a huge dark square, cut by a light line. It happened over Waterford Works in Camden County. Amazing photo depicting this anomaly, just now Interested in reputable ufologists. Famous taiwanese UFO researcher Scott Waring concluded that this is probably about alien activities.

A photo from open sources

The 60-year-old author of the presented image says that walked in the evening in nature and suddenly noticed a diamond-shaped in the sky black object. At first, our hero decided what it was a bizarre cloud, however, quickly cast away such a theory. The thing is, that other clouds in the sky floated quite briskly to the side, however, the square remained in place. The American concluded that something terrible and unknown to official science may be hidden there. He photographed a celestial anomaly, after which he quickly went home. The photographer downloaded the received frame to the computer and sent his ufologists. An eyewitness wrote to experts:

I took a traditional evening walk during sunset and saw this thing in the sky. In my 60 years of life, I had never seen anything like it before. Maybe it’s a secret military aircraft I don’t know, so I want to ask you. I very puzzled at the moment. The picture was taken by the camera. “Cannon Digital” with a focal length of 70-140 millimeters, if it will help you somehow. I think it makes no sense to say that I’m nobody didn’t process the image and send it to you in the original form.

Scott Waring notes that in 2013, a similar phenomenon was seen in Venezuela. Then the black square in the sky was divided into many smaller rectangles that slowly dissolved in the sky. If the author waited a bit, perhaps he could capture photo or even video and this UFO effect, but the American hurried returning home is not a professional ufologist!

However, it is not a fact that the black square above New Jersey is certainly an alien ship or the consequences of its activities. We suggest you also watch the best videos this year, collected from around the world, on which various mysterious phenomena of this type. Some experts attribute them certainly to UFOs, others more finely classify such miracles celestial phenomena that can be anything, for example, manifestations of parallel worlds, mystical signs of the Higher powers, up to the most banal tests, say, of new weapons or spacecraft …

Scott Waring

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