A mysterious celestial anomaly was captured in Ecuador

A mysterious celestial anomaly captured in EcuadorPhoto from open sources

A mysterious anomaly was captured in the sky above Ecuador. Turning on video recording below, you can see an incomprehensible glow, which – Attention! – is not the sun. Mysterious bunch of yellow light hung low above the ground and went up a huge funnel, scattering in the sky. The phenomenon was removed on March 3 this year. an unknown operator traveling near this miracle on the car.

The video quickly scattered across the World Wide Web, interested in a lot of both specialists and ordinary people. One of them they say that this is the result of alien activity. According to others, it is an interdimensional portal. Still others are sure that the images presented demonstrate a rare atmospheric phenomenon, associated with clouds and sunlight. Known that this the “natural anomaly” gradually dissipated and completely disappeared with firmament.

According to world ufologists, in recent years the number strange celestial phenomena captured in photos and videos, increased significantly. Whether the inhabitants of the Earth are increasingly filming them on cameras due to the ubiquity of mobile phones then whether something strange happens to the atmosphere of our planet, and not to notice this is simply impossible. Someone says Earth in the present moment is transforming or “healing” itself, is preparing change poles and so on. If so, then similar anomalies will soon become normal for our world. Or at least for this transition period. Here is just preparing us Mother nature for all our technological sins? ..

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