A mysterious doll with lively eyes was discovered on Brazilian cemetery

A mysterious doll with lively eyes was discovered in a Brazilian cemeteryA photo from open sources

An unpleasantly smiling doll with sharp teeth was discovered Unknown woman at one of the cemeteries of Brazil. Scary toy in a white dress sat right on a tombstone, and near her there was a baby bottle with red liquid, suspiciously similar to blood. Brazilian captures an unusual find on camera, and the video it received quickly spread throughout World Wide Web.

A photo from open sources

Netizens call the toy a “diabolical doll” “vampire doll” and “living doll”. Many compare her to a doll Chucky from the horror movie “Children’s Game”, which inspired the spirit serial killer.

If you turn on the video below, you’ll see the most surprising: the eyes of the toy invariably turn after cameraman! You might think that this mysterious doll is indeed alive. Some believe that the fault is with sensors that respond to traffic. According to others, we are talking about optical illusion – about the same as on the famous “watching” posters like “Motherland is calling!” Finally, others suggest that here still involved in mysticism. Unfortunately, further fate “devil doll” is not known to us.

We can assume that the eyewitness did not dare to pick up this subject with you. According to magicians, even ordinary things to pick up with the earth is dangerous, and here a strange doll, like a “voodoo” tool, yes still in the cemetery! I could only venture to take it with me a sorcerer or a shaman, but not a simple person. Amazing that a resident of Brazil still decided to remove this diabolical creature, this alone can bring trouble to a person …


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