A mysterious drawing on the field arose near Stonehenge

A mysterious drawing appeared on the field near StonehengePhoto from open sources

Recently, crop circles have for some reason begun to appear all more often, of course, primarily in England, although in some other countries of the world.

Note that for almost a year the alleged alien art is not arose anywhere on the planet (or at least not about them reported to the general public), but now these “alien masterpieces “showered on the fields of farmers as from a cornucopia. This confuses agrarians, authorities, ufologists and others researchers of paranormal phenomena who are not able explain the reasons for the revival.

The last mysterious drawing on the field discovered in the past Sunday, June 17, in the English county of Wiltshire, completely near the famous Stonehenge. Amazing image on wheat shows a huge circle, which are connected straight lines five circles of much smaller sizes. Inside this the composition is something like a flower, between five petals which is the same incomprehensible symbol. Decryption this message is hardly possible, as is the case with thousands of others crop circles. Alas, the significance of such arts remains for humanity secret behind seven seals, although the assumptions are quite a lot (see our previous crop circle material).

A photo from open sources

Many famous ufologists have wondered: why this figure appeared near Stonehenge? Maybe representatives of an extraterrestrial civilization, parallel worlds, our descendants are interested exactly the legendary construction of the druids?

However, there is an opinion that they built this ancient the monument is just aliens. So, in April of this year, the British scientists said that Stonehenge could not be built by man, since the two largest stones were processed for millions of years before the Neolithic. It turns out that some representatives highly developed civilizations have produced complex with these blocks manipulations long before our ancestors first took in stick hands (according to the recognized theory of evolution of our society).

And although the place for the next art on the field is chosen, I think it’s not by chance (it’s very difficult to believe in chance here), explaining this choice is still very problematic, not to mention about the meaning of the message itself …


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