A mysterious explosion thundered in the sky over North Carolina

A mysterious explosion thundered in the sky over North CarolinaA photo from open sources

No sooner did the residents of North Carolina move away from the strange the night explosion in the sky that occurred on October 7 and which the most shocked americans of the city of winston-salem as 18 October, now in Brunswick County, something happened like that.

According to WWAY, a mysterious explosion thundered in the area between Oak Island and Southport North Carolina, i.e. approximately 250 kilometers from the city of Winston-Salem, where residents, police and city hall still can not find an explanation what happened (watch this video). City Hall even gave birth an emergency press release requesting all residents cities and even the state to help find a “source of a strange explosion in heaven. “By the way, recall that such a sharp sound that night thundered in the Australian city of Cairns.

A photo from open sources

This time Australia has passed this incident, but in the United States The search for sources of explosions continues. The nearby base of the Navy Sunny Point came first on suspicion, but her command said that no testing or testing was conducted on October 18 weapons. Journalists immediately found out that artillery fire in that ill-fated night spent military camps Camp Lejeuneв that located 85 miles from Southport however it’s nobody arranged. Social media members literally ridiculed it assumption:

Far away, for 85 miles no shots, perhaps, will not be heard. And then it was a single and very strong explosion, Feels right above your head or your house, not distant and numerous “boom-boom” artillery cannonade.

And here is a quote from the Cairns Post, owned by one of the independent researchers of this phenomenon:

Between Two Nocturnal Celestial Explosions 7 October this year in the United States and Australia are clearly visible “paranormal parallels.” It seems like a third similar the incident added supernatural even more, with parallels did not note …

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