A mysterious flash in the sky made it blink street lights and signs

A mysterious flash in the sky made streetlights and signs blinkA photo from open sources

The amazing video below was shot at night of January 20-21 in the American city of Memphis, state Tennessee. Locals are surprised to notice over the horizon. the brightest flash that lit up the sky. Witnesses of an unusual phenomenon immediately grabbed mobile phones to capture the anomaly on cameras. Unusual videos spread around many resources of the World cobwebs.

Soon, the audience noticed how nearby they blinked Street lights and signs on commercial buildings. It’s obvious that this was the result of a mysterious glow in the sky. Skeptics of course are convinced that somewhere nearby transformers simply burned either there was a serious accident at the power plant, however supporters of supernatural theories are willing to argue with materialists.

According to many web users who have seen these frames, we are talking about the invasion of aliens on Earth or, by at least preparing for it. In recent months like anomalies are increasingly occurring in various parts of the earth, and orthodox scholars cannot find any plausible explanation. Ufologists say the invasion is already closer than ever, and humanity is doomed.

However, among ufologists there are many thinking people, who refuse to panic and believe in the coming end of the world. According to their firm belief, aliens do not have no reason to attack us, since the Earth and the people on it do not pose no danger to aliens. “Green little men, “they say, more like watching us: how we evolving and gradually changing for the better. Quite possible, Earth in general is an alien experiment, why is it in this case destroy?..

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