A mysterious hole in the ground spotted near the Zone 51

A mysterious hole in the ground spotted near Area 51Photo from open sources

Experts examined satellite photos of the surroundings of Zone 51 in Nevada and unexpectedly spotted a few miles west of a legendary military base a mysterious hole in the land of large sizes, in the middle of which an incomprehensible metal object sticks out. Coordinates Finds: 37 ° 08’47.3 “N 116 ° 05’06.3” W

The “abnormally round pit,” as conspirologists called it, clearly has artificial origin, and inside it can be seen something like long muzzle or trimming pipe. Near the hole are Mesa Road and strange funnels in the ground that appeared there as if as a result of a series of powerful explosions.

Researchers suggest that near Area 51 tests of some secret weapon, and the “hole with the barrel inside” is quite may be one of those guns. Perhaps the satellite photographed it before the “hole with the gun” slammed, hiding underground and becoming invisible to others.

Millions of world ufologists, conspiracy therapists and virtual archaeologists still believe that in the mysterious Zone 51 have been or are still experimenting with alien technologies and organisms. However, others claim that it is pure science fiction, and the United States could not bring down a “plate” of aliens. But it’s pure military tests at this base – it is quite real …

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