A mysterious light pole arose above Argentina

A mysterious light pole has arisen over ArgentinaPhoto from open sources

A resident of the Argentine city of Feliciano marked on the web internet shot with a mysterious light pole that she noticed while walking in San Jose Park and, as it turned out, by chance photographed this strange flash of light.

Here’s what she says about this:

It happened on October 24th, while walking in the park, however at that moment this flash seemed to me just lightning, I I didn’t even hope that she would be fixed by my camera, although how once filmed the surrounding. But when I looked at the received photos on the computer, I was very surprised: with a zipper it doesn’t does not look like…

Indeed, the huge pillar of light captured by the camera Argentines seem to ascend from earth to heaven itself – right some gigantic light tube. No wonder many Internet users considered this a portal to another space, perhaps a resident of Feliciano caught the moment of departure or, conversely, the arrival of an alien ship.

However, most users are at a loss: such a lighting effect is not with what to compare, it is unique, and therefore you can do dozens assumptions, but where is the truth?

A photo from open sources

The truth, as always, was easily found by scientists, weather forecasters through Argentinean realidadregional website reported that this is common natural phenomenon that occurs when a cold and warm air fronts.

However, much remains unclear to this inquiring mind. explanation:

  • firstly, the collision of cold and warm air fronts forecasters explain almost anything – and strange clouds, and some kind of illusory phenomena in the sky, and now also the light pole was pulled into the same place – not convincingly;
  • secondly, if this is a common natural phenomenon, why is it hit so many internet users? For example, take off ordinary lightning and put a photo with it on the Web – at best it will notice if you manage to take a highly artistic shot on art level. In this case, the picture is far from artistic, and its quality is not so hot, but he attracted attention very many. And just the fact that this is far from an ordinary occurrence, and Is it natural at all? ..


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