A mysterious light source captured in apartment

A mysterious light source captured in an apartmentPhoto from open sources

One of the users of the popular social network “Reddit” published in her section on supernatural phenomena is intriguing video. A man named Adam Griffith claims the camera security in his apartment captured quite a few days ago strange phenomenon. Inexplicable intense glow unexpectedly caught fire at night in the kitchen of our hero, however, the owner of the apartment swears that there are no light sources there and never It was.

By turning on the video below, you can see how a bright light appears in the background, as if its source located on the surface of the table. Such a sight is somewhat reminds a cinematic effect when the hero opens an enchanted chest or book, and from there light begins to pour. According to Griffith, it happened somewhere between three and four o’clock in the morning. The mysterious glow caught fire several times and went out, after which it no longer appeared. Glow is reflected with the opposite angle on the TV screen nearby, but the source energy is still invisible to the camera.

Some resource users suggested that speech it’s about a smartphone that turned on while receiving a call. Adam however less, he claims that he has one single phone, which he puts at night near his bed. Moreover, it is unlikely that the mobile screen would shine with such brightness. Other commentators talk about an open refrigerator, headlights passing a car near the house and the like. However say with the accuracy that it is, no one can, especially since the author is easy refutes any version of the materialistic plan. Remains believe in a miracle …

Although a miracle, most likely, there is no one here, just any phenomenon without a logical explanation always seems to us mysticism: so human consciousness is arranged. But you must admit, a mysterious phenomenon, which has no explanation yet, attracts us much more …

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