A mysterious luminous ball flew in the sky above Washington

A mysterious luminous ball flew in the sky over Washington.A photo from open sources

The largest international ufological organization “MUFON” published the video below received on November 29 this year over the American city of Pasco, Washington. A certain woman was heading here from Alaska and captured before landing, a mysterious anomaly behind the porthole.

An incomprehensible luminous ball flew among the clouds near the plane looking like a bunch of energy. Attentive passenger turned out to be at the same time excited and scared by such a sight. She photographed a fancy picture on the smartphone’s camera, but didn’t want to to tell any of those present about what he saw so that cause panic attacks. Fortunately, at that moment none of the passengers watched into the porthole.

Once at home, our heroine immediately sent the received shots to specialists of “MUFON”. That’s the way the video got into World Wide Web.

Some netizens say it was flying apparatus of representatives of extraterrestrial civilization. Others are convinced as if we have an amazing energy essence. According to third, we are talking about ball lightning. Fourth talk about a break in space – a wormhole. Finally, skeptics put forward predictable assumption that the “fireball” is nothing other than the reflection of a lamp in an airplane window.

I wonder how in this case the famous Christian doctrine: according to your faith, and it will be given to you? ..


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