A mysterious object captured in American the lake

A mysterious object captured in an American lakePhoto from open sources

The video below, flying at a speed lightning on the Internet for some reason only today, was received back in last month near Lake Winnipesaukee in the US state New Hampshire. The sensational video demonstrates a mysterious object, looking like a little wandering whirlpool. He moves all a few meters from the shore of Winnipesoka, swimming next to by boat. The author of the publication claims to have captured the anomaly after he heard relatively loud bursts from the water.

Mysterious footage commented on some famous specialists. For example, Taiwanese ufologist Scott Waring said that we are talking about an unmanned alien vehicle studying water bodies our “blue ball”. And according to the American cryptozoologist Jack Peterson, in front of us, most likely, some kind of waterfowl creature not known to official science. Materialists are argue that such a bizarre effect was probably caused underwater currents. What do you think? Perhaps your opinion will be the most faithful in this situation …

Scott Waring

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