A mysterious pillar of light is now captured in Nevada

A mysterious pillar of light captured now in NevadaPhoto from open sources

Just a few days ago, we wrote about a resident of Sweden, which filmed a thunderstorm on the camera and unexpectedly caught quite a mysterious phenomenon – a huge column of bright light rising from somewhere from the horizon straight to heaven. It arose just for a fraction seconds, however, perfectly fixed on the girl’s video.

Now, a similar anomaly has been seen over the American Red Rock Canyon Reserve in Nevada. Resident Las Vegas Deborah Rox turned out to be 25 kilometers from his hometown and just like the aforementioned Swede, she decided to capture smartphone approaching bad weather. Light pole appearing to the gaze this lady turned out to be much broader, but again was only a couple of moments are noticeable.

Researchers of supernatural phenomena, ufologists and simple Web users are at a loss as they think about the nature of this phenomenon. Alien Interdimensional Theories Come Up portals, secret government experiments, divine miracle and much more. Opinions agree on one thing: it’s absolutely bright not like because lightning flashes reflected from the clouds look completely different. In both cases, we are clearly talking about clearly outlined pillars rising from the ground and gradually scattering high in the sky. Or, conversely, light hits from the sky in the earth …

By the way, there should be even more such cases: at the end the video below you can see another light pole, photographed last March by a resident of Bosnia and Herzegovina. Thus, alternative researchers concluded that a mysterious phenomenon periodically occurs in different parts Earth, however, due to the short duration of this phenomenon, catch it extremely difficult. The naked eye will surely seem that it is a bright lightning, and without preliminary fixing anomalies on the camera to check this phenomenon is simply impossible.

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