A mysterious pillar of orange light captured in Chuvashia

A mysterious pillar of orange light captured in ChuvashiaA photo from open sources

44-year-old Russian photographer and journalist Eduard Vazhorov from Novocheboksarska photographed on February 1 of this year amazing phenomenon over Chuvashia. In the evening sky, from about 16:06 to 16:20, there was a mysterious column of orange Sveta. Seeing this, an eyewitness immediately grabbed his Canon SX camera 220HS “and ran to the balcony to capture amazing the sight in the picture. Then he posted the resulting frame to The internet.

Many people, including Vazhorov himself, believe that this is some natural phenomenon associated with the sun. However, others World Wide Web users are convinced that in the picture of our compatriot came across something beyond the natural. For example, the activity of aliens or a portal to another world.

However, look and draw your conclusions, maybe someone knows what is it really – after all, there are among users of our portal and psychics, and clairvoyants, at least comments say exactly that …


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