A mysterious purple glow captured in sky over the philippines

A mysterious purple glow captured in the sky over the PhilippinesA photo from open sources

February 11 in the dark sky over the Philippines was seen mysterious purple glow. Locals claim that in Recently, we see strange radiance almost every night, however last Sunday it became especially intense, because of what made Filipinos fear the end of the world or alien invasions, that is, what the media scare us more often Total.

Eyewitnesses suggest that a huge light source periodically occurs somewhere very high in the sky, and the clouds just reflect purple rays. Skeptics on the World Wide Web are sure that on the video below is just captured outlandish thunderstorms the clouds. However, if that were so, then the Filipinos would know it is a natural phenomenon and did not raise panic because of it. Here something completely different.

It is surprising that scientists are not even trying to explain it. phenomenon. Whether they have no completely convincing materialistic look at what is happening, whether they know something that is better keep silent …

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