A mysterious ray of light appeared over Texas

A mysterious ray of light arose over Texas.Photos from open sources of

Last Sunday residents of the American city of Rockwall in Texas has witnessed an amazing heavenly phenomenon. By including the video below, made by one of them passersby, who was very surprised by this natural anomaly, you you can see a clearly defined diagonal ray falling from clouds to the ground.

Of course, the first thought of any of us will be that it sunlight breaking out from behind the clouds. However, eyewitnesses claim that the sun was on the other side of the sky, and where did this come from amazing stream of light, a real mystery. In other words, no one has yet found a rational explanation for the incident condition.

Once on the World Wide Web, a mysterious video instantly attracted the attention of thousands of users. Some commentators are sure that there was a religious miracle in Texas. According to others, America was visited by representatives of extraterrestrial civilization who quite by chance turned out to be visible to us. And create a similar column of light, say ufologists, for aliens – a trifling matter.

If you believe the third regulars of the Network, we are talking about testing the United States government climate weapons (by the way, Americans themselves are convinced of the opposite, that is, that climatic weapons are being tested by Russia). However many conspiracy theorists are convinced that the American authorities will first experience such a system on their own citizens (in the United States, this is a common practice, remember at least the events of September 11, 2001) before they begin apply it against residents of other states.

Climatic weapons

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