A mysterious red flashes in the window of the White House. shine

A mysterious red light flashes in the window of the White HousePhoto from open sources

Mysterious video obtained by a webcam nearby White House, circled the entire Internet, causing great interest in many regulars on the Web.

The video shows flashes of red light in one of the windows on second floor of the residence of the head of America. Social Media and Simple World Wide Web users put forward numerous theories what happened, because neither the presidential press service nor the Secret US service does not give an official explanation of the phenomenon.

It is known that these are the windows of the presidential dining room. On social networks here various versions crawled, some of which look quite fantastic. Some commentators believe that Donald Trump arranges satanic rituals or orgies in the White House. Other suggest that the spouse of an extravagant politician is needed help, and she signals this by means of a morse code. Third argue that this is all the machinations of Russian communists – they say, not without reason flashes are bright red. Someone is sure that this is about the activities of aliens patronizing Trump. Skeptical But the theory says that near the residence of the president just passed transport, and the headlights of cars reflected in the window pane, however, somehow very unnaturally reflected, it should be noted …

Of course, web users do not forget about the famous the ghosts of the White House. The most famous of these is the spirit Abraham Lincoln. Somehow during the reign of Franklin Roosevelt Queen Wilhelmina of Netherlands stayed here. Late at night she heard a knock on her door and, expecting nothing unusual, opened her. On the vice stood a translucent figure Lincoln. A native of the other world politely raised his head above the famous top hat, and to death the terrified queen fell into fainting. The restless phantom of the 16th president of the USA met here and Winston Churchill. Coming out once completely naked from the bathroom, he discovered in the room a ghost of Lincoln, in the mantle and with unchanged a cylinder on the head. The ghost calmly threw firewood into the fireplace and immediately evaporated in the air when the British prime minister appeared. After Churchill completely refused to ever remain in this case. White House overnight.

And such mystical stories regarding the White House in Washington a lot, so it’s no coincidence that Internet users immediately thought of some damn thing when they saw these ominously red flicker in his window …

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