A mysterious ring sailed over Indiana

A mysterious ring sailed over IndianaPhotos from open sources of

Inexplicable smoky ring of black color floated over the American city of Couts, Indiana. Mysterious anomaly left a dark trail and moved through the air according to According to an eyewitness, like a living creature.

Similar rings have been repeatedly noticed in many parts of the world, and every time the skeptics had the same potential explanation what is happening: factory chimneys release smoke rings floating in side downwind. However, the reality is not so simple.

Mysterious circles above the ground arise even where no There are no factories or factories. The video below was shot an eyewitness in one of these places. Where does this ring come from appeared, the witness is not able to say.

Moreover, according to the assurances of physicists, production pipes are not capable of such “creativity”. If it was possible, people noticed such black rings for a long time and everywhere. To the surprise of scientists, a similar anomaly appeared in our world only a few years ago – and still have not found rational explanation.

Not found, at least for the general public, conspiracy theorists emphasize, clearly hinting at the activities of our military …

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