A mysterious spiral appeared over the American the city

A mysterious spiral appeared over the American cityA photo from open sources

The video below was received on January 7th. years in the American city of Sioux Falls, South Dakota. Spouses wishing to remain anonymous, drove by car and unexpectedly saw something amazing in the clear blue sky. There swiftly a broad white spiral twisted like a cloud or condensation trail from the plane. However, it’s obvious that there could not be a cloud or jet trail from any air vessel.

The woman hastened to get a smartphone and capture mysterious anomaly on the gadget’s camera. “Wow, look! What is there apiece? “- she asks her husband, to which he only sniffs in surprise, because he has nothing to say. What can I say? ..

The video has spread around many resources devoted to ufology, supernatural phenomena and various anomalies. Users these sites began to speculate on nature phenomenon. Surprised commentators talk about aliens portal to another dimension, chemtrails and even a religious miracle.

The occurrence of a white spiral over Sioux Falls is also associated with rocket launch, meteorite fall, a drone burning in the sky and other events that could be directly or indirectly the cause such a strange phenomenon. Nelson Whittaker, local ufologist, reports that he saw here similar before. True, according According to the UFO researcher and extraterrestrial civilizations, then the spiral appeared in the dark and emitted a greenish glow. Of course, Whittaker is convinced that in both cases we are talking about alien activities. Not a single earthly aircraft leaves such strange traces in the sky.

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