A mysterious stone was discovered in Yakutia ornament

A stone with a mysterious ornament was discovered in YakutiaA photo from open sources

During a trip to Yakutia, a Russian tourist discovered strange stone with a triangular ornament. He is striking different from other boulders lying nearby, because the pattern on it, apparently man-made – traces of processing are clearly visible rock formation. A surprised witness photographed his find and then demonstrated the resulting images to specialists.

Expert opinions on the ornament on the block diametrically divided up. Some scientists believe that this is a kind of miracle nature, others see here undoubted human intervention. Ufologists suggest that representatives of a certain extraterrestrial are to blame civilization. In their opinion, a mysterious boulder may well have alien origin. It’s just not yet clear whether specialists find a sensational block and pick it up for laboratory analyzes.

A photo from open sources

Russian came across an unusual boulder near the river Great Nymnir. No cities and villages closer than six tens of kilometers nearby. Most likely stone is granite, and treat such hard rock as known very hard. Did someone carve a stone disc tool triangles, and then plunged his product into the machine and drove away from civilization? Hard to believe in this.

Mysterious stone attributed to an alien origin

The author of the find reports that the details of the pattern are very subtle. Obviously, even a circular saw will not cope with such a task. Another thing is the laser! But ordinary Yakuts are unlikely to have such a technique there is. But aliens, as many UFO researchers claim, possessed light cutting technology even before the first fish left water on Earth. Therefore, ufologists tend to consider an amazing find by the work of aliens.

A photo from open sources

Some specialists who have read the images of the block, suggested that the ornament could be made for many millennia back on soft magma, which subsequently froze and turned in granite. It turns out that the authors of this work may be primitive people who lived in the territory of modern Yakutia. True, before domestic scientists have never encountered such rock art.

It is noteworthy that similar ornaments are sometimes found in pieces. chalcedony – a translucent mineral that is fine-fibrous a variety of quartz. However, crystal-like chalcedony soft enough and from ancient times used to grind embossed artistic images. Use for such purposes granite would undoubtedly be much more complicated.

Stones of Yakutia

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