A mysterious winged object in the sky, perhaps is a portal to another world

A mysterious winged object in the sky, perhaps, is a portal to another worldA photo from open sources

One of the subscribers of the Disclose portal suggested to users The Internet is an unusual shot that the journalists decided to post for discussion – what is it?

But first, a small comment from the author himself darren.lewis:

I took this photo on June 7, early in the morning. Strange a winged object appeared in the sky against a thundercloud. He is like cut it with his radiance. The most amazing thing is that this “window” if to allow this, did not change its mysterious shape and did not moving, while the strength of his glow constantly changing. it also made me shoot a video that I’ll definitely post in The Internet (for video hosting) a little later (need recoding). But there is nothing to complement my words – just visually you will see how the brightness of this strange object changes, while he (also very strange) remains motionless in the sky, as if carved on a dark cardboard called “cloud”…

Disclose reporters clarified that the user of their portal with nickname darren.lewis is a long-time subscriber, and very decent, which was not observed any jokes and even more so fakes. Therefore, they ask to take the material seriously and simply to express their opinions, what is it?

Internet users, as you would expect, have begun build all kinds of guesses. The most interesting, in our opinion, this seems to be an assumption:

During a thunderstorm, a portal opened in the sky and flew out of it. UFO

On the World Wide Web there was another information about UFOs. But this time not quite ordinary. Video by name Nikolay says that he was driving on a highway near Shores Bay (state Alabama, USA), when suddenly in a stormy sky he noticed an unusual blue glow, a kind of window in a thundercloud. And this window gradually increased, turning into a kind of portal to another world.

At least, it seemed to me, clarifies Nikolai. And before I could think about it, as from this “portal” (or sky window) really flew a UFO. Mysterious object so strange appeared from a thundercloud for a while remained near his “mole hole”. Then the portal in a thundercloud began to close – and soon disappeared completely, and the UFO, of course, just disappeared into this pitch darkness.

And outside the window of the car, from which the shooting was conducted, he continued pouring rain and lightning flashed – a thunderstorm, what can you do?

Are these two events akin to this? comment, which we designed for convenience in the form of a small notes. By the way, the run in time is only a day, since the second the event took place on June 8 of this year. Maybe when darren.lewis will post his video, it will also be possible to view UFOs on it, and not only a change in the brightness of the mysterious heavenly “window” in the form angel? ..

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