A native of South America who knew English language from birth

A native of South America who knew English from birthA photo from open sources

In the nineties of the last century, a US scientific expedition, exploring the most remote corners of South America, encountered in the woods Amazonia with a native who spoke excellent English, although he never studied it, and could not study it.

This somewhat puzzled the scientists, so they dedicated The study of this strange phenomenon for several days. What was it their surprise when they realized that the native knew well not only English, but also the reason why he possesses it, since it is the incarnation of President John F. Kennedy.

Presumably, the members of that expedition tried pull as much information as possible from the native president, for example, who nevertheless killed him in 1963, but since accurate information neither about the answers received, nor about this scientific expedition itself, then two options can be suggested: or it was too much shocking and immediately became a secret, or information about such meeting with the incarnation of the 35th US president – usual for reporters fake.

We recalled this unique case, which, incidentally, was cited as evidence of reincarnation many famous researchers, for example, doctor of medical sciences of Russia I.P. Neumyvakin, only because, as the ancient sages said, it is better to believe and make mistakes than not to believe in anything at all.

However, an increasing number of people today believe in reincarnation, although it is not recognized by official science.

Reincarnation Russia USA

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