A new geological era is coming

A new geological era is comingPhotos from open sources Specialists working at the Norwegian Polar Institute found that our planet will soon enter a new geological era. Such experts made conclusions after lengthy observations of the ice arctic cover that they carried out in the most the cold months of decades past.

According to these observations, the Arctic ice is gradually, but aggressively modified. If in the last century the ice is year round covered the surface of the Arctic Ocean, now they melt in the warm season, often completely disappearing with a greater parts of the ocean.

According to research head Jan-Gunmar Winter, physical-geographical region of the Earth adjacent to the North pole, more and more young ice. Currently ice drift in the Arctic more intensively than a century ago.

Noteworthy: in March this year, NASA employees told public that the maximum area of ​​arctic ice the cover is now less than fifteen million square kilometers. This indicator is the smallest of all, observed by man since the invention of space satellites.

According to Norwegian scientists, if current trends continue, then in the next twenty to thirty years the Arctic Ocean in in the worst case, it will completely lose its ice. At best he will be covered by sea ice seasonally. Thus, global warming, which many do not believe in, is absolutely real.


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