A nurse from a London hospital sees ghosts

A nurse from a London hospital sees ghostsA photo from open sources

43-year-old nurse from London claims to work in a hospital awakened supernatural abilities in her – she began to see spirits of dead people.

A mother of three from London, 43-year-old Sally Cadmore (Sally Cudmore), says she began to see strange things during internships at the hospital.

“The work in the hospital I was planning to get into the nurse was harder than I thought. I did an internship at the Lewish hospital where seriously ill people were when I began to see events before they even happened. I knew, which of the patients will die, since such people were surrounded by red-black a halo, and it really upset me.

I remember the patient’s family was happy how good she looked and hoped that she would recover soon. But I saw the halo surrounding the woman and an hour later she died. I am only man, and it’s hard for me to see this, especially when it comes to children, ”she admits.

Although Sally’s visions warned her of the imminent death of patients, the woman discovered that the supernaturals revealed in her abilities are able to benefit.

A photo from open sources

“I began to use my abilities to comfort the mourners relatives, ”explains Cadmore. – I just went up to them and passed messages from the deceased. At first I was afraid to do it, but sincere words of gratitude from deceased loved ones helped me understand that I’m doing everything right. Now if i see the spirit the deceased, I calmly go up to the people and transmit the message. ”

After a year at the hospital, Sally decided the time had come. accept your gift and change occupation.

“I felt that I had no other choice: I should help people using their abilities. At the age of eight I I saw the spirit of a young girl, but tried not to remember it. However, working in the hospital showed me how much benefit I can bring people if I accept my gift.

I have already managed to help the police searching for the elderly a woman with dementia for five days. I indicated on the map her her whereabouts and the police managed to find her. Doctors said that the old woman was on the verge of life and death, and if I hadn’t discovered a connection with her, then everything would end tragically, “- said former nurse, now psychic in an interview with Mirror.


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