A pensioner from Lithuania eats only sand – and feels great

A pensioner from Lithuania eats only sand - and feels greatA photo from open sources

Eating sand instead of regular food is a rare occurrence, but not the only one in the world. And, as a rule, people who eat sand, do not get sick and live a very long time. It is from the category of such phenomenal cases and our story about a pensioner of Lithuania Stanislava Monstvilene, or simply grandmother Stanislava, whom has long passed for 70 years.

But what’s interesting, more than ten years ago, a woman was delivered killer diagnosis – brain sarcoma in the last stage, doctors predicted her year of strength from life, and even what kind of life she could be when Stanislav was already harassed by unbearable headaches.

Some unknown force pulled the woman to the sand

But once she passed by a pile of river sand, and she suddenly insufferably wanted to chew him, well, as if someone was pushing her on this is crazy business. The woman could not resist such the temptation and actually ate a few handfuls of sand. First I almost choked on them, then things got better, and when she realized that it somehow eased her condition (headaches passed pain), then completely switched to eating sand.

A photo from open sources

Soon it became a habit, and the sand itself somehow imperceptibly ousted all other products from the woman’s diet – she simply doesn’t I wanted to eat nothing more.

The most interesting, says Stanislav herself Monstvileni, that I, like every normal person, thought about the fact that there is sand is unnatural for human nature. But as soon as I quit doing it, I immediately felt worse, various ailments appeared, after which, understanding came: before the previous headaches – one step. And I’m here She renewed her sand diet. Over time, all doubts and fears subsided, and I found the best option for myself to eat sand. It can not be washed down and even more so a bite. When completely switch to a sandy diet, then the rest of the food is not only not desirable, but also contraindicated, not to mention alcohol. Not it’s worth washing down the sand, for example, I only eat it raw, and because I don’t drink water anymore – this is more than enough.

General practitioner Liliana Vaishvilene, who for some time watched the health of a cancer patient, says she herself was struck by the fact that Stanislaw Monstvileni is somehow magical was cured of head sarcoma, and then surprised doctors good health, good blood and generally excellent analyzes. True, a pensioner for many years simply does not turn to outpatient clinic because it feels great – that’s exactly people with good health come.

A photo from open sources

Is it worth considering a sand diet as a cure for cancer diseases?

Journalists of the rt.com news portal, who found this phenomenal Lithuanian old woman, asked to tell her more about palatability of sand, if any. The woman admitted that the way it is:

Each sand has its own flavor, for example, some grades of sand are completely tasteless, but such very rare – even the slightest taste, but be sure is present. And, for example, brown sand is very acidic, like lemon in the understanding of an ordinary person. There is even sand with a sweet tooth, bitter, but most often several tastes.

Finally, we note that rt.com reporters asked comment on this case of medical scientists. They just lit hands, but reasonably warned readers – users Internet so that they do not decide to follow the example of grandmother Stanislava. First, the benefits of sand in the form of food have not yet been scientifically proved (though none of the scientists was seriously involved in this). However, you must understand that there are unique people in the world, perhaps a pensioner from Lithuania is just one of them. But where a guarantee that you, too, are among those phenomena that are intended eat sand? ..

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