A person hears his name when no one is nearby: How to explain this?

A man hears his name when no one is around: how can I explain this?A photo from open sources

Have you ever heard someone call you by name at that time when no one was around? For example, when you are alone were at home? You quickly turned around, looked around and, of course, made sure there was no one nearby who could call you. IN this moment is the reality in which you live, as if changing for a few moments; you feel bewildered and fear faced with something incomprehensible, inexplicable … At such moments you they could have suspected some kind of mental disorder.

But do not worry too much: you are not alone in this manifestation of our being, many people have similar experiences with glitches. Someone invisible called us by name when we were completely alone, someone similarly wakes us up during sleep. AND the reason for this is not in the imagination and symptoms mental illness. So who is invisible talking to us?

Real experience

“I heard my name in different places,” says the worker. one hotel. – The feeling is not pleasant and really makes you doubt your own sane mind. I worked in hotel reception One night he was alone and heard me call named female voice. I looked around, but no one was around. The time was later, and all my colleagues had already gone home. Through for several months I heard the same voice again and realized that it wasn’t my imagination or mental problems. ”

There are cases when two (or more) people heard one and the same voice at the same time, there are also those who identified the speaker. But to understand why this strange thing is happening phenomenon we need to know that many people have special abilities that allow them to hear voices from spiritual spheres. We are talking about clairaudience – the ability to hear those who are in the subtle – spiritual – dimensions.

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Clairvoyance can be experienced in many ways. So some people hear the “otherworldly” voice at the moment when they arise thoughts about someone specific. The conclusion is that these voices not directly related to the physical world and have paranormal origin. Our ears in this case serve as a tool for transmitting information that spiritual teachers send us. IN contrast to psychics who see spirits only captures their voices.

Spiritual Mentors Call Us

The most popular explanation for this phenomenon is according to which spiritual mentors try to communicate with us – bodiless beings called to help us in life. Some of they are highly advanced teachers, others are spirits who are so perform a specific task. Votes can have masculine or female nature, although in reality they are only clean energy, everything else – to facilitate our perceptions.

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Spiritual mentors may have physical incarnations in the past. or beings who have never accepted bodily form. It can be our deceased relatives or people with that we met in our past incarnations. Spiritual mentors see what happens in our lives and in cases where they should intervene or somehow direct us, use different forms of appeal to us – mental or auditory.

How you should act

If something like this happened to you, take the situation. seriously: a voice can tell you how to solve what you are facing pressing issue. And even to warn about something.

Sometimes voices sound soft and gentle, almost angelic. People, who have embarked on the spiritual path of development, have the right to think about meeting with his “high guardian”. The sound of such voices acts on a person exclusively beneficially.

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On the other hand, if you wake up hearing your name, it’s quite it is possible that from the subtle world you are warned about the impending danger or problem that needs urgent resolution. However if your voice sounds scary or spiteful, it’s very likely that you trying to “get in touch” an entity from the lower astral or demonic creature. From such creeps should be protected: pray, repent, seek help from the Almighty …

Science says voices in the head are normal

Curiously, many modern scholars have also spoken out this occasion and said that, contrary to traditional views, the notorious “voices in the head” – this is not a sign of illness, but rather norm. Recent studies have shown that one in five people regularly hears such voices. Many hearing-impaired people do not apply for help to doctors and say that voices positively affect their life, comforting, inspiring, prompting something and even constantly leading on the path of life.

Among us are those who hear the voices of the living – relatives, friends who are at that moment in the distance. This is usually related with some tragedies happening to people close to us.

Life time

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