A piece of meat spontaneously stirs on cutting board

A piece of meat spontaneously stirs on a cutting boardA photo from open sources

Internet users were very surprised by the mysterious the record currently distributed on the web. Incomprehensible video shows a piece of raw meat that makes spontaneous ripple on a cutting board.

The author of the video below was the Indonesian Reski Hendra Uniarco. According to the woman, she acquired a kilogram in the market. lamb, and when the same evening began to cook dinner, then with horror noticed this anomaly.

Some Network regulars called it “zombie meat,” which supposedly continues to live even after separation from the body animal. According to others, we have a rare natural a phenomenon when nerve endings in fresh meat make muscle tissue noticeably contract. Still others suggest that we are talking about skillful hoax: they say, a piece of lamb moved on a wooden board thanks to hidden in it to the mechanism.

By the way, note that on the Internet, records from mysterious “revitalization” of fish, sometimes even on a baking sheet warmed up the oven. But so that a piece of meat also comes to life – this is the first time. Is it really are the wonders of our world so limitless? Or is it endless fantasy jokers? What do you think about this?

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