A place where rats and other abnormalities do not live Komi zones

Members of expeditions who visited this vast area of ​​Komi, with impassable taiga and foggy swamps, revealed more than a dozen mysterious places where something happens that they can’t find explanations.

“Sleepy Glade”

This local anomaly is located in a forest 11 kilometers from the village of Timsher of the Ust-Kulomsky district – scattered in a forest glade large boulders. Where they came from is unclear, since no There are no rock formations in the vicinity. Second Mysterious glade attraction – deep glass-prominent pit with a diameter of about 10 meters. At the bottom of the pit, a large tree grows, its top does not reach the surface of the earth a bit.

A place where rats and other abnormal zones of Komi do not liveA photo from open sources

However, the main feature of the meadow, because of which the locals call it “sleepy”, not in appearance. This strangeness first mushroom pickers noted. After long wanderings in the forest, people with with pleasure sat down to rest on the boulders and … fell asleep. More precisely, fell into a trance, because they realized where they were. As soon as a person’s eyes closed by themselves, he strange visions arose – some fantastic creatures, in similar to people. Anyway, they had heads, torso, two arms and legs. But…

Most often they were gray dwarfs no more than a meter tall. On their earthy rounded faces under large blue-black almond-shaped eyes clearly visible cracks, similar to fish gills. But the oral there were no holes. The bodies of the dwarfs resembled small barrels with thick arms and sausage fingers.

Appeared in visions and giants under three meters tall, also with gray skin. These had very long necks and wrinkled faces, like crumpled fabric. Eyes – a kind of crescent, turned upside down horns down – glowed from the inside, as if bright light bulbs. Their bodies looked rather thin, and almost legs made up half of the body.

Both types of fantastic creatures appeared as motionless static photos. Not only mushroom pickers saw them. Were cases when two and even three of us went into the “sleepy meadow” and, crouching on comfortable boulder chairs, everyone fell into a trance. In amended state of consciousness, people were on the hour, or even more. Everyone has after that, my head hurt.

Somehow, rumors of a “sleepy meadow” reached the “Big land “, and two ufologists came from Moscow to the village of Timsher. They asked in detail all who experienced a trance, and then, taking conductor, they themselves went to the clearing. We put up a tent in for three days several times went out to sit on the boulders. AND each time fell into that very trans …

Before leaving, the researchers gathered residents in the village club Timscher and posted their thoughts. Judging by the appearance of the mysterious creatures, these are, no doubt, aliens. More precisely, their “photo”, somehow etched in the local energy information field of sleepy glade. Why it arose there is hard to say. Perhaps it’s all about boulders: the field that they create introduces people in a trance. Serious research is needed.

With regard to boulders, ufologists have expressed an interesting hypothesis. Discovering new lands, people, to “stake” them, set various commemorative signs. It is possible that they did the same. aliens who once visited our planet: they delivered boulders in a non-aboriginal area and related processed them, leaving their “autographs” on them.

No rats allowed

One of the mysterious places is located on the shores of Vishera and its tributary of the Nivershera. We are talking about unusual rat behavior, which called the “Visher phenomenon.” And it applies immediately to several surrounding villages and villages: Bogorodsk, Troitsk, Bolselug, Vilylyb, Zuleb, Suzyaib, Pasvomyn, Nivshara. They all come in a kind of “restricted area” for rats. There these animals never was not in the barns or in the cattle yards, but specially imported die immediately.

Vishera river

A photo from open sources

It is all the more surprising that the rat is one of the most tenacious creatures on earth. All kinds of poisons and traps against them are not help. They are omnivorous and omnipresent. And there is almost everywhere people live. Except the named “zone”.

As old-timers say, both during the war and before it part of the cargo was delivered to the Vichera region on barges. So rats supposedly even in Syktyvkar at night, or even during the day, those barges left tugboats were supposed to lead to Vi-shera. In some incomprehensible way Pasyuki learned about the destination of the goods! Somehow one rat “gape” and reached Bogorodsk. She ran ashore ran a little and … immediately died. These days, those who sailed around Vishera on barges pushed by boats claim that when before Bogorodsk remains about 12-15 kilometers, at the place Nam-Vomin, the rats in the holds get out onto the deck and jump into the water.

During a recent expedition, researchers took a boat 10 cells with rats. Animals drove most of the way from Syktyvkar calm yourself. But when the boat began to approach the fateful place, they began to rush about the cells, even tried to gnaw through the wire the grid.

On the Nam-Vomin beam, the researchers decided to release pasyuki, so as not to prolong their torment. As soon as the next one opened the cage, the rat sitting in it, rushed to the speed of lightning board and rushed into the water. It was not suicide, but the present stampede, because all the pasyuki are excellent swimmers and they there was a chance to get to the shore.

Scientists have not yet found the reasons for the “Visher phenomenon.” But at there is a legend about the Tyuvo sorcerer, to whom they obeyed natural elements. He had the gift of foresight. He is like Nostradamus, predicted the emergence of many modern technological advances: iron horses (tractors), birds (aircraft) and the iron web (power lines).

But most importantly, it is Tyuvo who is credited with “blaming” for the absence of rats on Vishera. One morning he was returning home to Bogorodsk. Going through a hefty way up the river, got tired and sat down to eat. Only bread crumbs turned out to be new to the bag – at night the rats ate the whole bread. Angry, the sorcerer cursed them, saying: “Don’t go here anymore!”

The Prodigal Forest

It is located on the left side of the Cortvis River, at four kilometers from the village of Kortkeros, on the left side of the road. Unlike from the rest of the surrounding forests, this one looks very grim. Here you can never hear the birds singing. Only rare crows sit on trees and croaking. There are many trees in the forest with twisted and fused trunks, on which many growths.

In places where twisted trees grow, barely visible the mounds of someone’s graves. According to one version, these are the graves of the ancients Voguls, so called the Mansi people. On the other, these are traces pit dugouts in which the white-eyed miracle lived, mythical people, allegedly besieging Jerusalem under King Solomon. Hiding from persecution, chud went to the North, where he settled in the hidden forest thickets.

A photo from open sources

No one tried to dig these burials, because who approached them, gripped by panic fear. Nowadays local local historians tried several times to do this, but there were forced to stop work, because after an hour or two shovels literally fell out of their hands.

This inhospitable place has always been considered “prodigal.” There constantly wandered all who went into the mysterious forest, even hunters from Cort Keros and the neighboring villages that unmistakably found their way into any thicket. In the last century, several disappeared without a trace. people, although it was not so far from housing. These days there were cases where residents of Kortkeros, at their own peril and risk those who went to the “prodigal forest” by berries, spent hours in the thicket, although only a little away from the edge. One woman from the nearest villages sought the way home for more than two days.

A photo from open sources Photos from open sources

Local historians examined in detail a large section of the “prodigal forests. “In one place, not far from the edge of the forest, the radiation background was in normal – from 12 to 15 μR / h, and bio-frame did 10 revolutions. But it was worth go to the center of the abnormal area as a person fell into energy “patch”, where the radiation background reached 25 μR / h (although around it, 20 meters, it did not exceed 10-12 μR / h), and bio-frame made over 15 revolutions.

The impact of increased energy background on humans was so sensitive that one expedition member because severe dizziness had to return to the camp. And he stayed in the “prodigal forest” is only about an hour. Others had a feeling pressure in the parietal region. Upon further examination were three more places with an abnormally high energy have been identified.

It is possible that it is increased radiation that affects people falling into these energy traps. And before everything attributed to the machinations of goblin!

Sergey Barsov

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