A pregnant British woman saw her face on an ultrasound grandmothers

A pregnant British woman saw her grandmother's face on an ultrasound scanA photo from open sources

The pregnant resident of the English city of Halwood claims that during ultrasound examination of her fetus on the screen of the device Ultrasound arose in the form of a human face.

Thirty-year-old Louise Corkill examined the pictures of her a four month old baby made during sonography, and suddenly noticed in one of the photos the smile of her own grandmother, who died sixteen years ago.

The future woman in childbirth was simultaneously shocked and to the extreme degree pleased by such a discovery. According to the woman, she was very attached to grandmother. Now the british believed that spirit a late relative named Mary Parkinson guards her son.

A photo from open sources

Corkill writes: “This photo made me come in confusion twice. Firstly, I was convinced that I was pregnant girl, but it suddenly turned out that I would have a boy. A secondly, the photograph showed the face of my grandmother, who died in 2001 at the age of 66. I still can’t believe my to the eyes! I immediately recognized my grandmother. Her death became in due time a great tragedy for me. Since then, it always seemed to me that Mary watching me and guarding me. Now I’m sure she has become guardian angel and for my boy. This is truly unbelievable! ”

Louise says that she placed a unique photo of an ultrasound in a frame, then she hung him in the living room. Englishwoman plans subsequently be sure to show the picture to his son so that he also realized how much he is loved by his great-grandmother.

However, many Internet patrons have suggested that on Ultrasound image could not show a grandmother’s fleeting face, but with purpose of warning that a born boy will be reincarnation Mary Parkinson. This is indicated even sharply changed during pregnancy, the gender of the baby, as it can also be a certain sign. So Louise Corkill is likely to be expected similar pleasant surprises with her baby and after his appearance on shine…


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