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In February 2007, a resident of Kirovograd Elena Sidoruk gave birth to a son. Contractions were difficult, a woman three days after giving birth could not get out of bed. And when, finally, got up from the hospital bunks and hobbled to the mirror, barely able to hold back a scream. Of another woman looked at her in the mirror. The stranger had traits Elena’s face, but she looked much older: swollen eyelids, swelling on the face, deep wrinkles. Even visited a woman in labor her relatives hardly recognized her old Elena. “After childbirth many women look bad, ”the doctors reassured. – Soon everything will pass. “- My child and I were discharged from the hospital, and I began to wait improvements, says Elena Sidoruk. – However, instead of mine appearance catastrophically worsened. Eyes swam so that the upper eyelid covered the lower. The body became thin, although the weight is not has changed. I had to run to the doctors. Everybody checked me experts wrote in a medical card: “Healthy.” Passed yet for several weeks, and the body suddenly began … to swell. I woke up in the middle of the night and, standing in front of the mirror, watched my face increases in volume, as if someone is inflating it, like air ball. I wept with horror and did not know what to do. Once son Sasha began to cry, I ran to his bed, I wanted to take the baby and … could not. Hands seemed paralyzed, they became naughty. Then the legs refused. My husband took me to the hospital. Doctors had a lot of research and concluded that I crippled some kind of virus. A few days later, the limbs returned sensitivity, and I asked to go home: I was waiting little baby. And after a couple of weeks I came to the hospital myself – with bloated to an incredible size red face. I was given diagnosis: “Allergy of unknown origin.” But how to treat her the doctors did not know. It seemed that my face and body were aging not by the day, but by hours. At first the cheeks sagged, then the chin fell. Before giving birth I was the neck of a young woman: smooth, without furrows. And suddenly the skin on sagged like a 70-year-old grandmother! You can’t imagine that I felt looking in the mirror. Of a young flowering woman, I turned into an old old woman. And it happened very, very quickly – like in horror films. For 12 months I’ve grown old for thirty! The skin on the abdomen became lethargic, formed ugly folds. On the inner surface of the hands (from the armpit to the elbow) the skin dangled like two little fat ladies. It was a horror! Photos from open sources

Further worse. The skin on my legs sagged, and then my chest … I don’t could look at herself in the mirror, stopped painting. At my profession (teacher of mathematics and physics at school) each accounted for day to withstand the curious looks of students: I went on maternity leave a young woman, and returned as a grandmother. In the five years that have passed after the second birth, I learned to hide aged under my clothes body, but could not hide her disgust for him. I became nervous irritable. I didn’t want to live with such an appearance in my head bad thoughts climbed … Relations with her husband went wrong. If he stayed at work five minutes longer than usual, I arranged scandal. Spouse understood my condition, reassuring: “Beauty is not the main thing. “Although, of course, it hurt him to see me like that. We almost stopped talking. When the wave of despair receded, I convinced herself: “The happiness of a woman is in children.” I have two of them – 19-year-old daughter Tanya and five-year-old son Sasha. I fully dissolved in cares for them, it gave strength to live. In the past year on the channel “1 + 1” began to show the show “Operation” Beauty “, where radically change the appearance of the participants. I found out from colleagues who called after each issue: “Have you seen? Write to program! “I waved:” I did not look and I do not want to watch. A writing there is useless. “But my close friend got down to business Yana. First she made me watch the show, then she helped fill out a participant application form. The question most confused in the questionnaire: “Why do you need to participate in the project?” I wrote the truth: “To live normally. “” Elena’s skin is as solid as wood. Never came across a similar “- A few days later I was invited to Kiev for an interview, – continues Elena Sidoruk. – seeing the eyes producers, I realized: they’ll take me to the project. She shared joy with friend, she waved her arms: “You can’t say that! Nothing yet it is known! “And I knew everything in advance – the heart prompted. When it was reported that I would become a participant in the second season, joyfully exclaimed: “I’m going to Barcelona to Ivan Maniero!” Editors surprised: “How did you know?” According to the terms of the show, the name of the surgeon is kept in secret until the trip. “Only he could take on me,” she answered I was right. Maniero is a terrific doctor and person. We have a long, serious conversation took place. “Why do you need surgery? – asked Ivan. “You have a loving husband and two children.” Many beautiful women do not have the happiness that you have. “I explained to the doctor that my appearance was ruining my family. And he me got it. – The decision to operate Elena we made is very difficult, – tells “FACTS” the famous plastic surgeon Ivan Maniero. – Before that, we conducted a series of studies and found in women rare disease. It’s called Cutis Laxa, or Syndrome. flaccid skin. For unknown reasons, the body disappears elastin fibers (they are responsible for the elasticity of the skin, maintaining it youth). Elena’s immune system perceives elastin fibers as a threat and itself destroys them. Recorded all over the world less than a hundred such cases. Alas, cure sluggish skin syndrome impossible. Like most rare diseases, it does not represent interest for pharmaceutical companies, because you can’t make money. As far as I know, Elena is the only one in Ukraine a patient with such a diagnosis. It was very important to diagnose disease immediately. The woman was visited by many doctors, but no one I realized what was happening to her, and precious time was wasted. If they would detect the disease and begin to treat it (more precisely, fight it manifestations), then there would be no such terrible consequences. Our the team took Elena’s story as a professional challenge. we understood that the case is difficult, undertaking operations is risky, but really wanted to help a woman. Just imagine, so scary live with such a disease. I was worried if the disease internal organs of Helen. Then surgery would be impossible. However, analyzes showed that everything was in order. Judging by everything, Elena Sidoruk became almost the first patient in the world with flaccid skin syndrome, which resorted to plastic services surgery. Due to the nature of the disease, the doctors decided to operate everything Affected areas on Elena’s body. Ivan Maniero admitted that before he didn’t have to do so many operations at once. Together he performed 12 surgical interventions with assistants, it took exactly 13 hours. Elena did a facelift, a necklift, eyebrow, forehead skin, tummy tuck, legs, arms, breast lift … To make a woman’s face look younger, plastic surgeons inject under the skin injections of the patient’s own fat (previously cleaned with a special apparatus). Ivan Maniero tried to do this manipulation for Elena. But it turned out that in the woman’s body is almost no fat: the disease literally burned him. The surgeon was barely able to pump about three hundred grams from the patient’s hips fat. However, the biggest difficulty doctors faced in the course of many hours of operations, it became … incredibly hard skin the patient. – The work of a plastic surgeon can be compared with the work a sculptor, ”says Ivan Maniero. – Our working material – human skin. Like with sculptors, here the work depends on material quality. Elena has hard skin, it is difficult to model. At times it seemed that we were dealing with a tree. I never I came across a similar one. So that the reader can imagine how it was difficult for surgeons to cut Elena’s skin, we give such an example. After operations under the skin of the abdomen of a woman, fluid collected. Such often, doctors easily eliminate this side effect. However Assistant Ivan Maniero could not pierce the skin of Elena’s abdomen a medical needle to pick up excess fluid! It succeeded to do only with great difficulty. “Let mom change as much time, I still recognize her “Mirrors

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