A rare disease makes an American hear how does her body work

A rare disease makes an American hear her body work.A photo from open sources

Twenty-seven-year-old American suffers from rarest a disease due to which she has to stay awake continuously listen to the mechanics of your own body. From hearing women do not escape the rotation of her eyes, the movement of blood through the vessels, creak of bones, heartbeats and all digestion processes. The the affliction that Rachel Pine acquired in March last year is not allows her to live a normal life.

Since then, the woman was examined by numerous experts from all ends of the United States and Europe. Most doctors came to the conclusion that the reason for such an amazing feature of hearing are migraine. However, recently one of the doctors managed to find out that Rachel is suffering from another, much rarer disease, called degeneration of the upper semicircular canal. Between the brain and a hole in the bone formed in the American’s inner ear, leading to the fact that the woman began to hear the processes taking place in her body.

This disorder is more or less observed in one half a million people, so often the diagnosis is made wrong. However, Pine’s case is truly unique because she hears herself much thinner than anyone suffering from a similar ailment, and therefore literally goes crazy with of this.

Modern surgery will allow an American soon get rid of the degeneration of the upper semicircular canal through minimally invasive surgery, during which the hole in the patient’s inner ear will be plugged. Rachel’s skull a small hole the size of a coin, resulting in a woman only a barely visible scar will remain. The procedure will take about ninety minutes, and the patient will need three to recover from surgery weeks.


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