A rare thing was observed over Krasnaya Polyana in Sochi a natural phenomenon

A rare natural phenomenon was observed over Krasnaya Polyana in SochiA photo from open sources

Sochi has Krasnaya Polyana (not to be confused with Yasnaya Polyana Tula the area where the Leo Tolstoy Museum is located), which is pretty modern village located in the Caucasus mountains and famous ski resort “Rosa Khutor”, where exactly held the 2014 Winter Olympics.

And now in this village, or rather, in the sky above it the other day whether a miracle happened, or a natural phenomenon, which, Nevertheless, it is very similar to the definition of “miraculous.”

The good thing is that this phenomenon was filmed on video, but it allows you to be surprised and build all kinds of guesses. In some moment, say witnesses (residents of the village and vacationers of the resort), in a strange cloud appeared in the sky, and between it and the earth right there a luminous pillar formed – a dazzling whirlwind of snowflakes.

On the Internet, where the video soon got, its authors tried to explain that this is just a light pole (optical effect), which appears most often at sunset or sunrise the sun. There are also moonlight poles. Almost always they They amaze people with their fantastic and unexpected.

And indeed, witnesses of this little miracle of nature, what happened over Krasnaya Polyana, they wrote that the video does not transmit and fifth of that amazing effect and beauty that could be to observe firsthand.

By the way, many Internet users on this occasion arose reasonable question: will modern smartphones ever learn shoot video close to natural perception with everyone nuances and shades that the human eye sees? At present time, despite the huge achievements in this matter, cameras gadgets, even the best of them, still distort the natural picture, sometimes even embellishing it in something, but at the same time making completely different than all this a person sees with his own eyes.

And yet, even this imperfect video is amazing: maybe did a miracle really happen over Krasnaya Polyana? ..

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