A ray of light fell from the sky on a medium boy

A ray of light fell from the sky on a medium boyPhotos from open sources of

27-year-old Megan Betty from Bridgewater’s English city Somerset County claims that her 4-year-old son Charlie possesses with psychic abilities – practically indigo child.

As soon as the boy began to speak, he, to his great amazement parents began to communicate with the dead and recall their past of life. A small medium often scares father and mother by telling them unpleasant stories from past lives or reporting that in a family home are the souls of dead people.

A photo from open sources

Not so long ago, Megan and her husband Sam received new evidence. that Charlie is far from an ordinary child. Boy playing in the park with a friend, and Megan decided to capture this moment on camera. When the woman looked after the resulting photo, then with surprise found on it a mysterious bluish ray of light falling from somewhere on top of her son. After this betty couple even more believed that the unusual abilities of their offspring are a gift over.

Skeptics, of course, unanimously argue that we are talking about play of light, and the preschooler himself, they say, is deceiving loved ones. Parents the boy in response to this is seriously offended. According to the British, even assuming that there is nothing supernatural in the photo, Charlie definitely can’t lie. The fact is that the child repeatedly told father and mother about what he could never to learn independently, including from books, newspapers and TV.

A life

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