A ray of light from a crash site as a “road to heaven”

A ray of light from a crash site likeA photo from open sources

This photo was taken by American Anisa Gannon, who lives in Gainesville Florida. She was driving her car that morning to work and got stuck in traffic at Friendship Road and motorway 347, because there was a car accident, and traffic was stopped.

The collision of two cars killed three people and one of them is a child. Anisa got out and did a few pictures from the scene of the accident. No, not out of simple curiosity, but simply, to have proof for his boss about the reasons for her being late to work.

What was the woman’s surprise when in one of the photographs with she saw a mysterious ray of light, as if “the road to heaven “, which opened for the dead, probably, first of all for an innocent child.

We don’t know if this shot helped resolve Anisa’s conflict with her. chef, however, the continuation of this story is quite fabulous. Showing photo of her aunt Tara Noble, who called the beam “dear in heaven, “Gannon decided to send a picture to the families of those who died in that a car accident, thereby giving them reassurance.

Finding those families was not difficult, since the tragedy was widespread. covered in the press, and then a mysterious new “color” gave her photo of Anisa Gannon. Journalist Onin immediately posted this Twitter photo from where it instantly scattered across the web the Internet.

World Wide Web users, of course, divided into believers and skeptics, but if you read the comments on various sites, then make sure: the first is much more. That is, people believe in the afterlife life and it is entirely conceivable that such a miracle as this “road to heaven “in the middle of a clear spring day, quite possibly. For example, car crash ghosts – pretty common phenomenon…

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