A red pillar appeared in the sky over Texas

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The video below was received on January 15 this year in Texas. Late in the evening one of the locals noticed a strange anomaly in a dark sky and hastened to capture seen on a smartphone camera. Over the ground, a perfectly flat vertical strip emitting a red glow. Filming so unusual sight on the video, an eyewitness hastened to upload the video to World Wide Web, where the mysterious footage immediately attracted attention users.

Some commentators believe that we are talking about tricks aliens. According to others, the US government is testing over Texas is a secret laser weapon. If you believe the third, before we portal to another dimension. Fourth suggest that there was a failure in the work of the “Matrix”, where humanity lives. Finally, fifths hypothesize ice crystals suspended in the air and reflecting light from the earth. In a word, interesting, real and fantastic, theories abound.

It is noteworthy that Texas is considered the so-called “American the capital of celestial phenomena. “Over the State of the Lonely Star constantly notice the “flying saucers”, luminous spheres, cigar-shaped objects, mysterious clouds of even geometric shapes, mysterious humanoid figures and more. Now on this list got an incomprehensible reddish “pillar”. Apparently, conspiracy theorists, ufologists and researchers of supernatural phenomena more work was added, and on the other hand, the collection was replenished abnormal “exhibits” of their unique database.

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