A resident of Canada recalls an amazing case from my childhood

A resident of Canada recalls an amazing incident from her childhoodA photo from open sources

Why a 48-year-old Canadian recalled an incident that occurred in 1975, and decided to share with him on the web today, she and she doesn’t know. There’s just a lot of information about different paranormal events, however, nothing like what she saw in early childhood, for some reason does not catch her eye.

And then the Canadian, currently living near the capital of Ottawa, on the banks of the river of the same name in the town of Gatineau, decided to tell that old story that simply shocked her. Forget it’s just impossible, but nobody can explain that case since Maybe one of the regulars on the World Wide Web has met a similar phenomenon?

She was then six years old, that evening she didn’t get something wrong in earnest and therefore did not want to go to sleep. Her two older sisters ran around her around the house, trying to catch and calm, and the girl, laughing, ran away from them, jumped on the bed and sofa, in every way trying to slip out of her catching hands. And suddenly … she saw beyond a scary face remotely resembling the face of a burnt monkey (just such an association remained in her memory).

The terrible face was no more than half a meter from her, otherwise and closer. Moreover, it was also surprised to examine the girl. A when a six-year-old baby screamed wildly out of fear, it looks like there panic and screaming started outside the window, though nothing is heard It was.

The woman recalls that she seemed to be looking into another world, and from there they looked at her too, and this “monkey”, it seems, was also a small child, which is why she was also very scared when she saw in her window … man.

True, adults, and older sisters, that caught the baby, didn’t notice anything like that. And when the girl told them the reason of their heart-rending cry, the elder brothers even ran out into the street, but they didn’t find any extraneous traces there, not to mention the presence of a monkey or some joker dressed up in it.

Is the girl then somehow able to look into parallel world, but from the looking glass, in turn, saw her? I wonder if something like this has happened to anyone else, asks Canadian?

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